1. Where do I start?

Go to www.WhataPix.com and click on the free download button. From the pop-up window, please select the computer Operating System that you are running on (Apple or Windows). The system will ask you to enter your name & email and the downloading process will start

2. Why do you need my email address?

Whatapix believes that communication is important and we want to keep you informed of new products and services that we will continuously introduce in the coming months. You may unsubscribe at any moment by login into your account.
Your information is kept confidential and will never be shared with any 3rd party. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details on how we safeguard your information.

3. How do I install the software?

Once you download the software, look for the installer.
On an Apple computer, double click on the .dmg file. This should mount a new volume on your desktop and open a new window with the installer. Simply drag and drop the Whatapix folder into your “applications folder”
On a Windows PC operating system, double click on the installer and follow the instructions.

4. How do I start using the software?

The software is intuitive and very easy to use. However, you always have the option to use the “Genie” to help you navigate through the software’s multiple functions. You may, at any time, de-activate the Genie by selecting the HELP menu > assistant > assistant enabled.
We also recommend downloading the Guide at:
https://www.whatapix.com/WPix_UserGuide.pdf This guide will give you a lot of extra information to make the most of your experience using the photobook creator software.

5. How does the process work?

First, you must download and install our FREE software onto your computer. Then, open the software, where you may choose to be guided by our very helpful “Genie”. Select what type of photo-product you want to create. Choose the folder with your images or select individual photos. Start creating your book. Once you are happy with your book, you can check out at the shopping cart. As soon as your payment is processed, your file will automatically start uploading to our secure server. You’ll receive confirmation of your order and will receive your order via the carrier you selected.

6. How many pages can I use in my books?

Our regular books have a minimum of 20 pages and a maximum of 80 pages.
Please contact us at CustomerService@whatapix.com if you have a project that requires a higher number of pages or a different size and we will gladly make arrangements to accommodate your request.

7. Can I change the backgrounds and scrapbook items on my books?

YES, we have incorporated a set of designed backgrounds and scrapbook items for you to use. However, you can always add your own Backgrounds, Frames or Scrapbook Items by clicking on the small gear icon and adding your clip art.
Nevertheless, we continuously are adding new artwork to make your photo products exciting and seasonal. Make sure to look for our system updates every time you open your photobook creator software.

8. How do I add my own Backgrounds, Frames, or Scrapbook Items?

Go to “add” and select the picture you want to include. Make sure your images have the correct resolution in order to print correctly. If you see a red triangle with an exclamation mark, the software is alerting you that your image does not have the correct resolution to be printed. If you find yourself in this situation, we suggest you either reduce the size of your new item or choose another file. We continually design and add new images and backgrounds to the software. Make sure to look for our system updates every time you open your photobook creator software.

9. Can I use my own fonts

Yes, you can use any font that is already installed in your computer.

10. Can my images go all the way to the edge of the page?

Yes, images can print all the way to the edge. This is called “bleed” and it is incorporated in all of our books. Nevertheless, please consider that the red line on your layout is where the page will trim; therefore, we suggest you keep important objects away from the red line, allowing a margin of at least 1/8” away the red line.

11. Can I add more pictures to my book after I’ve already added the first set?
Yes! You can always add and delete photos. To add a new set of images, just go to the pictures section on the photobook creator and click on the “+” sign, select the folder where you have the new images and click “select”. Note that photos from the same folder do not duplicate. This action will add only the new ones.

12. Do I need to worry about the Warning Signs?
These signs are calling your attention to items that may not print correctly. The Red Triangle will alert you to items that DO need to be fixed before ordering your product. The yellow Triangle with the xclamation mark is only a recommendation.

The photobook creator software will warn you when you leave an empty text box or an empty picture box. It will also alert you if the resolution of an image is below our recommended resolution settings (optimal 300 dpi, minimum 200).
However, it is your decision to change the image or proceed as is. In some instances (like with backgrounds) the resolution might not be critical for the quality of the book, but in other instances (like with photos of people) the proper resolution is essential for the end result.

13. What’s the recommended resolution for my photos?
The optimal resolution for photos should be 300 dpi’s (300 dots per inch). You may have lower resolution photos on your book, but we strongly advise against using images under 200 dpi’s. If you select a photo, which its resolution is too low to print with quality on the final photobook, then the software will alert you with an exclamation sign to either select another photo or reduce the size of your image on the page.

14. Why do I get a Warning sign when I use any of the available backgrounds for my Custom Cover?
The backgrounds that we’ve designed are intended for the inside pages. Their Size to Resolution ratio is not large enough to use them for the custom covers. You still may use the available backgrounds for the custom covers; however, please keep in mind that these backgrounds might not print as crisp on the cover as they print on the inside pages.

15. Why don’t you carry larger background files for the custom covers?
In order to make our download process as efficient as possible, we do not offer larger background for the covers. Otherwise, the initial download would be very large and painfully slow.

16. I get a critical error: “No License Found”. What happened?
Make sure that the license file with extension “.lkey” is in the same folder as the whatapix application. That should solve it.

17. How do I check my order status?
Go to https://photobooks.whatapix.com and login to your account using your username and password.

18. How do I make sure my project looks great?
Make sure to use high-resolution photos at the recommended 300 dpi… if you use low resolution photos, you may need to reduce their size on the page. Anything lower than 200 dpi’s will look blurry.

19. Can I change my book’s material after checkout?
Unfortunately no. Once you upload your book and your payment is complete, the file is automatically processed by our secure server and its contents cannot be modified.

20. How long will it take for my order to arrive to my shipping address?
Our production turnaround times are 5 working days. Shipping 1-4 days depending on the shipping method you selected. If your shipping address is within the Houston Metro area, shipping times with the US Postal Service or LoneStar Overnight are normally
1 to 2 days!

21. What do I do if my order arrives damaged?
We take great care on packing your orders to make sure they arrive safely to their destination. However, WhatAPix relies on third party shippers, including the US Postal Service. If your order arrives damaged, please contact CustomerService@whatapix.com for instructions on how to replace your order.

22. Can I use more than 1 coupon per order?
No, sorry! Our software allows only one coupon per order and promo vouchers cannot be combined.

23. Do I get discounts on Bulk orders?
Yes, you do! Call us for your individual quote or write to us at:

24. Do you ship outside the US? Do you offer International shipping?
Not yet… may be in the near future we will start offering international shipping. Right now, our services are geared to the continental US.

25. Can I try the Software without paying?
Yes, of course. Download the FREE software from. www.whatapix.com. Try it risk free.
You only pay for the books you upload to our secure server and your order to be published.

26. How long does it take to upload a photobook through the Internet?
A few minutes, but it really depends on your Internet connection, the overall size of your file, and your connection speed.