Privacy Policy

whatapix does not sell your information to any other businesses.

We will contact you either via email or regular mail about our promotions and offerings unless you request that we remove you from our mailing list.

You agree that we can use the materials we have produced for you in our marketing materials to showcase our craftsmanship and quality. If in your opinion, your materials contain sensitive or confidential information, please let us know in writing and we will not showcase your projects in our samples.

Although we keep samples and electronic files for most of our customer projects, we are not responsible for their safekeeping. You must keep all original files with you, as we cannot be made responsible for their storage. If you do not want 1to1printers to keep samples or files on your projects, please inform us in writing and we will destroy both the physical as well as the electronic copies of your projects.

For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions listed in this website and available upon request from our office.

For all confidentiality requests, please email marilu@whatapix.com or call us at 281.821.4400.